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Featured Kitchen Island With Casework And Granite Countertops

Adjustable height kitchen island with casework and granite counters. With a thick slab of polished sandstone, it separates the kitchen from the dining area. If you are looking at light wood kitchen cabinets, this might be your ideal option. The smooth surface gives the cabinets an excellent contrast against dark wood countertop.

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The gray colors used on these kitchen cabinets are consistent with the rest of their design, including using solid teak wood accents. The large open space between the cabinets allows you to incorporate all manner of designs into the cabinetry. See more ideas for transforming your kitchen island with casework and granite countertops here.

This kitchen has an interesting combination of finishes. A kitchen with granite countertops and cabinets is an interesting and comprehensible feature of the home. Ideally, an adjustable height kitchen island should be in the same area as main cabinets. However, many homeowners decide to leave that area as little as possible to make it more accessible for their guests. One of the options available is a kitchen island with seating.

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Kitchen islands with seating are usually a small space away from the main kitchen cabinets so that they provide useful counter for meal preparation or eat-in dining. Sometimes, a kitchen island can turn into a separate dining area or become full depending on its size.

The standard counter height for a kitchen island ranges between 27.5 inches (61 cm) and 42.5 inches (107 cm ). But for smaller kitchen islands, the standard surface height could vary between 27.5 inches (61 cm), 32.0 (78 cm) or 36.1 (108 cm). On larger kitchen islands, the standard surface height could go up to 42.5 inches (108 cm) or even as high as 51.7 cm). See more examples of kitchens with open floor plans and islands here.

In smaller spaces, a kitchen island with seating may not be ideal. Some might opt to use a kitchen island with the same basic design and configuration as the main cabinets to maximize efficiency. The whole family can enjoy breakfast together, chat, grab a glass of wine or juice to relax after work. If you want to create more visual interest in your kitchen island, having a well - designed breakfast bar or island with a sink integrated into its structure is a great solution.

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If you have a kitchen island with seating, having breakfast bars or island seating is a great solution for your needs. Having a breakfast bar offers guests the opportunity to interact with the cook and host as they prepare meals for you and your family. If you're considering a concept kitchen using white beadboard cabinets for your island with cream granite countertops, then this could be a great option for you. The open-layout design of the room allows you to connect this space with your adjacent living or dining rooms so that you can make the most of your kitchen.

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Another advantage of having a kitchen island with seating is the fact that you can keep your breakfast bar at a comfortable level for and family. You can set up your floating kitchen island with a breakfast bar, a countertop, or as per your preference. Also, you can use different sized pieces of wood for your breakfast bar, like stools, benches, carts, etc., to further customize this space. Have a look at the ideas below and get inspired!

Whether your style is traditional, farmhouse, modern, shabby chic, glam, vintage, or whatever else your taste is, having a stylish island can help enhance breakfast bar kitchen functionality.