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Kitchen Island: A Modern Luxury Kitchen

Giant spring bar stools and glass pendant lights over the kitchen island its terrace provide this with a luxury cooking space. Alright, a high gloss white solid surface was the material of choice for the countertop of this large kitchen island and it looks phenomenal with warm brown tones throughout space. The marble slabs below the countertop are complemented by the built-in stove and range hood cover. As the whole space is quite small, a single wall was maximized for full storage, thus helping to keep everything within easy reach.

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Large windows opening to views of the lush garden provide this modern kitchen with lots of natural light. Kitchen cabinets have an antiqued white finish and use plain oak drawer faces. This gives the space a warmer, more casual appeal, while still keeping a rustic feel as the cabinets are all solid golden walnut. All of our counters are in a white finish and topped with granite to add a modern touch. This kitchen provides lots of space for cooking in luxury. If you're considering giant spring bar stools for your kitchen, check out this guide to choosing kitchen chairs. This kitchen features a gorgeous combination of classic white cabinets topped with marble counters. The bench seating is the perfect addition for the room's open layout.

The luxurious appeal of marble is well-balanced by the rustic elements. Using gray-colored granite as the countertops pairs well with gray walls and light walls. Adding gold hardware on the bar stools helps add a little glamour as well.

A small modern kitchen that uses a combination of dark oak flooring and light gray painted walls. It gives the space a more contemporary feel. Kitchen cabinets are all modular and have an antiqued white finish, giving them a more vintage look. The countertop material used is gray granite on the sides and a light concrete center. The kitchen island also accommodates 3 industrial-style metal bar stools with wooden seats. The warm lighting beneath the sinks and under-counter gives this kitchen a more relaxed ambiance.

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With a small kitchen space that limited our access to the outdoors, we were able to use open shelving to showcase some of treasured items. Open shelves are very useful for displaying items such as special china collections, collections of art pieces, and even homey dinnerware pieces. We appreciate the opportunity to showcase these objects in our home and hope that they give us more joys and enjoyments!

Craftsman kitchen bench seating for breakfast sets itself apart from the rest of the table by using different colored materials. A big part of this comes from the fact that craftsman style kitchens usually don't include ornamental cabinetry. Instead, they typically have simple, clean lines with straight edging that set the mood for space.

For this reason, we recommend creating an accent wall in the kitchen to keep items from falling off the bench. Having the display of kitchen items on the side of the bench can keep decorating themes alive.

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Most people gravitate toward the edges of tables and benches as the space in front of them is clear and makes their use look bold and airy. As a result, most kitchen designs tend to make use of bench seating as the main attraction space. If you're considering some kitchen style or bar stools for your kitchen, take a look at this list and use the ideas that you like the most!

Rollable kitchen carts are a great way to add extra storage space in your kitchen. They are easy to operate, and various sizes are available. You can choose the option that is best for your lifestyle and your kitchen.

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You can use carts to store things like plates, cups, pans, and other items that are not going to get messy. You can also place things like books, magazines, and even cookbooks above the cart to make accessing the top shelf easier.

If you want more free space in your kitchen, look outside the box. A rolling cart can be wheeled away when not wanted or brought out for entertaining. It gives you space to connect to the outdoors and cut carrots and potatoes without disrupting decor.
Gray stone countertops are one of the options you can explore for your home.