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Lucite Barstools Counter Stools and Marble Countertops

Lucite barstools counter stools and marble countertops are designed to stand out from white cabinets and dark wood floors, offering a unique yet practical design. Alright, a white marble countertop isn't exactly the cutting edge of modern kitchen design ideas. but it gives you a pretty solid foundation for designing an amazing modern kitchen.

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Black stone countertops with a nice pattern in the morning light give kitchen a clean, contemporary look. This is offset by the warm brown cabinet colors used throughout the day. It gives the room a nice contrast of colors and finishes. The white cabinetry looks great against the golden walnut flooring and mahogany laminated kitchen island. Black granite countertops with their unique stone pattern and natural veins add warmth and personality to this gorgeous kitchen.

The luxury look of the interiors is well matched by the rustic open shelving above stove. Beautiful kitchen with white counter tops and beautiful stone countertops. Well, lucite barstools and counter stools with marble backsplash give this kitchen a classic vibe and elegant design. The warm wood plank flooring, dark rough-hewn stone countertop for the kitchen island, stainless steel appliances, chrome-finished industrial pendant lamps, as well as the high gloss finish of cabinets give this gorgeous high - end look.

This is another great example of a high - end kitchen with luxurious furnishings and finished goods. The gray leather bar stools with silver pulls complement the elegant wooden cabinets and provide a nice contrast to light walls. The granite countertops are nice touches that match the dark wood strip flooring. Beautiful glass chandeliers over the kitchen sink and range surround this room, giving it that classy, modern vibe of a sophisticated home.

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The limestone countertop in this rich white country style kitchen island is stunning. It matches smooth gray ceramic floors and complements fine - grained hardwood floors well. To add variety, the kitchen island base cabinet is laminated in gray and has an integrated glass door. This gives more space under the countertop and allows easier access to storage space. The faux masonry finished walls also compliment the marble countertop and provide a nice contrast. This kitchen has an open layout and uses classic-inspired plans with a large arched niche in the center.

High ceilings and open terrace make this kitchen have an amazing view of the lush garden area adjacent to the house kitchen. In the background, a movable kitchen island is utilized as breakfast bar with hickory wood countertops. The large oak-laminated casework adds a rustic touch to this beautiful kitchen.

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A white country kitchen that goes for a bold all-white color scheme uses clapboard paneling throughout the lower cabinets. For its upper cabinets, gray salt & pepper were used, while the white base cabinet was paired with cream mosaic tile in a unique pattern. The kitchen island with Cambria quartz countertops and soapstone floors has a built - in dishwasher. The whole set is interesting with its dark walnut finish and uses solid mahogany butcher block on the top and exposed brick sides of the kitchen counter.

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The light wood floors and pale gray walls provide bright neutral colors amidst the gold-painted kitchen cabinets black granite countertops. The open terrace beyond the kitchen island provides a great view of lush green and flower gardens adjacent to it. Once you think of a kitchen color, marble allowing you to play around with the color palettes without worrying about the scheme is perfect.

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The kitchen looks bright, stylish, and open with its combination of colors in the finish. Walls in the kitchen have multiple tones, from traditional white paint color to more contemporary matte color. The kitchen has a simple profile – white main cabinets with clean, straight lines and clean accents, through to darker stained mahogany blue glass table top. The kitchen island with beadboard and solid mahogany floors is the standout feature here.

Simple paneled solid mahogany kitchen cabinets are paired with clean black granite countertops. This is a great example of how a white kitchen can look updated throughout the years. Modular cabinets are often seen in modern kitchens. However, this particular kitchen uses a modular design. Cabinet doors are all flush-type, giving it that clean, modern look.