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Rift Sawn White Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Rift sawn white oak kitchen cabinets and drawers. When you consider a warm color like this, it can actually look amazing. The warm color of the countertop material complements well with the gray-brown flooring.

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This traditional style kitchen draws its inspiration from classic Scandinavian kitchens. It has a long, linear kitchen island topped with solid mahogany wood. The kitchen cabinets are all in natural walnut paired with powder blue walls and matching cream granite countertops. The kitchen island also features beadboard accents and is topped with a solid mahogany countertop. Modern elements include the use of rounded corners for the drawer face and smart storage solutions.

Featuring an open layout, this modern kitchen looks extra spacious thanks to the high sloped ceiling using gloss white laminates. The walls have exposed wooden trusses with brown ceramic tile siding that match the rustic white granite counters. Scandinavian kitchens with oak cabinets and white in a traditional style Once you think of rift sawn kitchen cabinets, the first thing that trips up tends to be color. Natural wood grain and warmth tend to clash with the blandness of modern white cabinetry so easily. White upper cabinets with smooth surfaces feel more appealing against softer colors like gray or tan, but darker neutral red, blue and green also work well this style.

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Many people gravitate toward these types of cabinets because of their durability and ease of maintenance. If you're looking for ways to update your kitchen cabinet design, flush - mount or semi - flush - mount flat-panel doors are a great choice. Flat panel doors are great for medium - sized kitchens with small appliances and islands. You can also consider recessed or flat - panel door styles.

Made from manufactured wood, the raised panel or mullion doors have a smooth surface that makes them suitable for contemporary kitchen designs. This type is perfect for rustic, conservative kitchen settings.

A tall mullion window allows you to line up kitchen appliances and other furnishings before installing your sink or stove. When it comes to choosing a kitchen island, you'll want to choose pieces that're easy to reach and will hold your items. You'll have to remember to install a kitchen island counter, so you won't be able maneuver around it. If you are looking at drawers and great solid color wood shelves, you'll adore the sleek look.

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The sides of cabinets frame decorative pieces that add flair and function to your design. Choosing mullion and double-hung cabinet doors for extra storage space allows you to show off what's inside your cupboards without disrupting decor. The open layout style can accommodate stools or barstools on one side, as an alternative to using a solid piece. Either way, they were functional and stylish.

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It can be difficult for taller homeowners to house larger families because they need more storage space. Homeowners who are dealing with limited kitchen space often make the decision between a island and full - blown pantry shelving projects. As our cravings for the slick and minimalist have waned, we've come up with some pretty great ideas rocking both features!

Kitchens can be awkward spaces where functionality and space efficiency are crucial.