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The Reclaimed Wood Island Top

Reclaimed wood island tops are ideal for compact kitchen designs. It features an under - counter sink with step up to full for tasks such as chopping, blending or processing. Once you consider a space mixing and organizing project, your contractor will approve the final design budget for reclaimed wood island.

Bar reclaimed wood island top

A modern contemporary rustic kitchen with exposed beams and chrome - finished hardware creates a sleek minimalist appeal, balanced by its use of gray painted cabinets. The kitchen's main countertop is made of white Carrara marble with gray edging and complemented by the countertops, while the kitchen island's base is solidly topped with same marble. This compact kitchen features white cabinets and gray countertops, which are ideal for a kitchen. Ideally, a reclaimed wood island top would be perfect for this type of arrangement. The soft colors are complemented by golden yellow walls and black & white lampshade pendant lights.

The blackboard with silver appliances helps set the mood and gives this modern kitchen an attractive appeal. It is arranged in a unique way that leaves some space for the storage area, sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven, etc. The large floor - to - ceiling windows and sliding doors give this contemporary kitchen an attractive open feel.

A two story kitchen with dark gray cabinets in the center is completed with glossy black solid surface countertops and a matching all-wood stool. A large kitchen island with a sink and a custom-made aluminum-band solid-surface top countertop is made for the preparation area as well as an additional workspace functionality. This kitchen island can also hold two counter heights and functions as a washing zone and an eat - in breakfast bar.

Large windows opening to a wonderful outdoor view provide this kitchen with lots of natural light. Gold accents from the floor and ceiling give this kitchen a more luxurious appearance. Completing the look of kitchen is polished metal bar stools with silver legs and plain white paneled cabinet drawers.

An all - white modern kitchen looks even better with cream - colored cabinets and drawers and black hardware. Cream-colored granite countertops and tan leather upholstery give this kitchen a more casual appeal, especially paired with the lighter cream-colored walls.

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Brown is an excellent color choice for countertops, backsplashes, and walls because it will complement the other finishes in rooms that highlight the style of rooms. Brown granite countertops are also easier to clean compared to other materials because they cleaned using a soap & water based concoction. Using brown granite countertops also allows you to add character to your kitchen by creating a contrast in design.

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Using brown granite as one of the most common countertops in kitchens creates a very elegant and clean kitchen design. However, many homeowners decide to use granite as the only available counter style for their kitchens. Granite is expensive and wears well over time, so it is important to keep an eye on maintenance while installing granite countertops. Aside from that, a kitchen design that uses morning oatmeal granite can be a great option for your small space. Granite slabs are an excellent surface for this kind of granite. While these surfaces are beautiful and easy to maintain, keeping them pristine and free from stains is important too.

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The beauty of granite countertops can be seen right away when you come to install them on your home. Granite not only makes kitchens look better but can also help to increase the value of your home. Granite countertops are available in different colors and stains, so you can choose which countertop is perfect for your needs. Granite countertops are also heatresistant and resistant to scratches as well as stains. That is important if you want to keep the granite slabs around your kitchen, as well. Granite surfaces are also resistant to chipping. Granite is also resistant to stains.

Granite surfaces are expensive to maintain and require professional sealing.