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Top 10 Kitchen Trends in 2021

Red cedar kitchen cabinets offer durability and ease of maintenance with rich, warm orange undertones that warm up the kitchen. A large island counter with 3 solid - surface bar stools provides a convenient work surface and space. If you're considering ease maintenance, this is a great option for your home. It removes annoying drips and spills from cooking pots on the ground floor, and provides easy cleaning. Choose a solid - surface countertop for your island counter for peace of mind.

One of our recommended kitchen trends for 2021 is the country style. Revival and modernization are evident in all of our favorite colors, patterns, and styles. While urban and rural areas alike seek to embrace more modern and contemporary looks, country kitchens still have loyal fans because they're a country's dream. The two - tone tile cabinetry offers panel detailing and an inviting appeal, while exposed bricks provide a classic touch. A large kitchen warms the undertones of the country. If you are looking at red cedar kitchen cabinets, then this will work well with your white cabinetry. The lighter color of the wood countertop gives this room a more casual appeal, perfect for entertaining guests and showing off your cooking know-how to guests.

The warm brown of these modern white cabinets pairs perfectly with the cream-colored walls and earth tone countertop. If you have been considering going for a dark countertop in your kitchen, then this could be the look you've been looking for! Wood tones are used on the counters to create a more casual appeal, while still retaining their natural warmth. With the addition of marble to the top surface, this kitchen adds a refined, elegant touch to your home.

If you want an inviting space that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed whenever you cook or bake, this might be the design for you. A kitchen can only mean so much. When placed in a home with beautiful furnishings like the kitchen shown above, it can make your life a little easier when preparing meals. It is important to design a kitchen that will make you happy and stretch out your time there.

The light colors of these modern white cabinets help them bring together a clean, fresh, and uncluttered look. Modern kitchens tend to use white almost throughout the interiors, which means that using bright lights or task lighting can actually make an area brighter. White kitchens are a great option if you want to add some joy to your kitchen. A small round nook can be added to your modern kitchen for extra functionality. Here are some ideas for modern kitchen cabinets with an open glass front :

A round nook can be added to your modern kitchen for extra functionality. Add a coffee bar or countertop for extra seating space. Round tables can be used for gathering family dinners or gatherings as well as those quick meals that you crave. Using glass materials like fragments on the walls will give your kitchen an edgy look. They allow you to display your favorite dishes or items that are hanging out of sight. Ideally, a cedar kitchen with tempered glass fronts should have accent lighting to enhance the seamless style of your home.

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Modern homes usually have open plans and flat white roofs. If you are lucky enough to have lovely weathering, you can get away with designing your kitchen using warm materials like stone, timber, brick, metal, and even exposed pipes. Using stone and other warm materials can add warmth and soften your kitchen. The existence of windows in the kitchen helps to keep space from getting too cool, so opting for these materials makes it feel breezy and inviting.
Gray and white offer contrast in this modern kitchen. The marble countertops, mosaic backsplash tile, stainless steel appliances, mirror tiles, shiplap, and butcher block countertop provide solid surfaces for the entire kitchen to work on.

The light walls and gray floorboards provide a stark contrast against the sea of white.